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Soil & Vent Replacement in 3 Tower Blocks in Coventry for Whitefriars Housing via Wates

In total, we changed the soil and vent pipes in 576 properties, with 4 stacks in each, within a 30 week time frame.

The programme was 'staggered', with Longfield House which is located in Bell Green commencing in November 2013 and completed in April 2014.  Falkner House commenced a week after Longfield and was completed in May and Meadow House in Radford started in January and completed in May 2014

The pipework was located in timber stud boxing in the bathroom of which all was replaced including any pipework from the adjacent flat.  Fire stopping works were carried out to the floors prior to redecoration of the stud boxing.  All asbestos related works were carried out before Mossvale went on site by specialist Asbestos Contractors.

Due to the residents being in-situ at all times, constant communication was required by our experienced S & V Site Delivery Team as to when they could and couldn’t use the facilities, in order to complete the installation – from floor to floor, without complication.  Constant communication with the residents aided access and the smooth delivery of this programme.




Whitefriars Housing Association via Wates




Start Date

November 2013


Finish Date

May 2014