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Soil & Vent Replacement Programme - Ottawa Tower

Ottawa Tower is located in Highgate, Birmingham and consists of 92 apartments with 4 Soil & Vent Stacks.

Works comprised of the removal of the WC and the demolition of rear block wall to access the void.  Specialist Asbestos Contractors removed the asbestos air duct pipe prior to us removing existing soil and vent pipe and replacing with the new, including new air ducting.

All associated fire stopping works were carried out followed by reinstating the stud wall, superlux panel and WC plus the installation of Sure Stop Water Isolator prior to re-decoration.

In order to deliver the contract smoothly with no access problems, our dedicated Customer Liaison Officer visited the residents daily to ensure they understood the works programme, what involvement was required by them and to ensure that inconvenience was kept to a minimum.




Optima Housing Association




Start Date

September 2013


Finish Date

November 2013