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Saltley School - Specialist Science College

Mossvale secured this £980k project directly for Saltley School (Specialist Science College), located in Alum Rock, Birmingham.   The works commenced late August and completed in July 2015. 

The work consisted firstly of a dining room extension in the existing school.  This extension was essential in order to meet the further demands on the school occupancy and will accommodate a further 50 students during meal times.

The current dining room was kept live throughout the works with safe access and egress routes in place for the students and staff.

The extension was constructed with a timber frame inner skin and traditional brick outer skin to be kept in keeping with the original featured brickwork.

The interior was fitted out with LED lights which included daylight saving controls.  No additional heating was required due to the high thermal design of the construction.

The stand alone Drama block is situated on the former Tennis Courts. The block will be used for multiple disciplines such as Music Room, Drama, Pottery and further Dining facilities.

The building again was timber framed with a mixture of brick block and render and a single ply roofing system.

SAPA PPC Aluminium Window System were installed to give maximum efficiency along with state of the art Mechanical and Electrical services complete with under floor heating.

The walls and internal doors have been designed to give maximum acoustic values to ensure privacy.

The dining room element of the building is to be used as an overflow to the existing dining room in the main school.

The block is served by new incoming utility services inclusive of Gas, Water and Electric which were directed through the school car park from the main road hence being conducted when the school was closed during half term break in February 2015.

Although the building is not linked to the main school a covered walkway has been created by means of overlapping Tensile Canopies.  In addition Mossvale were responsible for the external landscaping to enhance the appearance of the surroundings.

The site set up and logistics of the works required in-depth planning as we were working in a 'live environment' with the existing school in operation 50 meters away.  The site compound was fully herras fenced for the safety of all pupils, staff and visitors and all plant and material arrivals and departures were scheduled before and after school hours or to coincide with when the pupils were indoors attending classes.

Due to the nature of the timber framed building we installed a fully monitored site security system to monitor the entire site during out of hours times

Continuous communication between our experienced site delivery team with the school, pupils and visitors aided the smooth delivery of this project.




Saltley School



Alum Rock, Birmingham





Start Date

August 2014


Finish Date

July 2015