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Queen Alexandra College

QAC is a unique college in the heart of Birmingham, creating challenging learning opportunities for people with visual impairment and/or other disabilities.

Mossvale were responsible for the delivery of this fast-track project which included the refurbishment of 3 buildings within the college grounds, the Maintenance, Oakwood and Evolution Buildings.

Works first commenced on the conversion of the former Maintenance Building as it was unoccupied,  into 4 new classrooms complete with passenger lift, new M & E installations, sound proofing, flooring, windows, staircase, decoration and a small extension to 'house' the new Plant Room.   

During the 6 weeks summer holidays, 300 square metres of roofing was replaced on the Evolution Building along with the replacement of all internal partitioning which made up the classrooms and corridors internally.  Acoustic lining to aid sound proofing was installed to the majority of the main walls plus new electrics and decoration throughout.  In addition to this internal sound proofing works and replacement of windows to the South elevation of the Oakwood Building took place.

The site set up and logistics of the works required in-depth planning as we initially were working within in a 'live environment'.    The site compound had full herras fencing, lighted walkways and lighting on the hoarding plus all deliveries were planned before and after the college hours. 

Continuous communication between our experienced site delivery team with the college, students and visitors  aided the smooth delivery of this project.





Queen Alexandra College



Harborne, Birmingham





Start Date

April 2014


Finish Date

September 2014