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Birbeck House & Newport Centre


Birkbeck House, Guernsey Drive, Smithswood, Solihull, B36 0PG – Conversion of existing community rooms and caretaker’s facilities/store room into 2 No. one bedroom flats.  Works were to half of the ground floor to a multi-storey block of flats and included taking out the existing toilets and kitchen and blockwork partitions etc.  Building of new blockwork partitions, infilling of openings in concrete walls, altering/forming new window openings and installation of new electrical and heating (electric) systems, kitchen units and bathroom suites and decorations.

Newport Centre, Dove Way, Smithswood, Solihull, B36 0TG – Refurbishment of first floor flat and conversion of ground floor community centre into a three bedroom flat.  This was a detached, part two-storey building. That part of the building to the first floor was originally built as a flat but was subsequently used as an office but was returned to a flat and required the installation of a new kitchen and bathroom, some alterations to partitions, alterations to the electrical installation, replacement of the heating system (gas wet) and decorations.

The ground floor part was a community centre with communal lounge, kitchen, toilets, an office and stores. The works included taking out the kitchen and toilets, removing and forming new blockwork partitions, altering window openings, installation of new electrical and heating (gas wet) systems, kitchen units and bathroom/shower suite and decorations, to form a three bedroom flat.





Solihull Community Housing








Start Date

November 2013


Finish Date

April 2014