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Animal Sanctuary opens in time for Easter with the help of Mossvale

Mossvale have been assisting Optima Community Association with the replacement of the soil and vent pipes in 11 blocks located in and around the Park Central area of Birmingham since November 2014.

Whilst working on one of the blocks, Jodie Shepherd, Mossvale's Resident Liaison Officer engaged in conversation with one of the resident's Gary, regarding his 'passion' which was that of volunteering 3 times a week at the Brockswood Animal Sanctuary in Sedgley, Dudley, which is home to a wide variety of rescued and unwanted animals. 

In order to protect the floors in the residents properties Mossvale lay down sheets of corrugated plastic and at the end of the install the plastic is too dirty and dusty to be reused so ordinarily was thrown away.  However Gary intervened and told Jodie that he had other ideas for the plastic and asked if she / Mossvale would help?

Gary's idea was to use the plastic as insulation in the animal shelters and the reptile house.  Neil Swann the Sanctuary's Manager thought it was a great idea - not only to save waste but also to enable him to keep his animals warm at no extra cost to the Sanctuary.

Both Optima and Mossvale staff visited the Sanctuary in February to meet Neil and his team, along with Gary and ever since then, the used plastic sheeting has been collected and stored at Mossvale's depot in Lancaster Street until sufficient amounts result in one of Mossvale's operatives transporting the plastic to the Sanctuary. 

Also on the visit to the Sanctuary, Neil identified another area where Mossvale might be able to help!  The Reptile House was without running water in the kitchen upstairs which was also home to an unconnected bath.  Mossvale assisted in the refurbishment of this area providing both new sanitary ware and labour, free of charge, in order for the staff in the Reptile Centre to be able to bathe a variety of reptiles including very large pythons!

Richard Carroll from Optima commented "It is very refreshing when a contractor such as Mossvale takes the time to engage with our residents and gets involved in community initiatives such as this.  We are now coming to the end of the first phase of our soil and vent pipe programme and the tenant satisfaction survey results have been excellent and the results for March were the highest ever recorded within Optima, which is a reflection on the hard work and efforts that Mossvale have put into the project, especially Jodie.


Brockswood costs £170,000 a year to run with its reptile house along costing £1,000 a month to heat.  It relies heavily on voluntary staff, funding and donations.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or donate can contact the Centre on 01902 884 390 or email